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Trade center “Karusel”

Bld.23, quarter 1 Dubrava microdistrict, Belgorod oblast, Stary Oskol

Trade center “Karusel”

Offered for sale is the ready-made rental business – functional trade center “KARUSEL”.
Bld.23, quarter 1 Dubrava microdistrict, Belgorod oblast, Stary Oskol
Area for rent 8 785, 76 m2
Ongoing rental contracts for the whole building.  No vacant spaces.

Trade center “KARUSEL” – is a multifunctional building equipped with modern engineering services having area of 12 018,5 m2 with distinct outline that seamlessly blended in the architectural complex of Stary Oskol. The interior of the Trade center “KARUSEL” has a dignified modern style.
Trade center “KARUSEL” is located in the most perspective district of the town – Dubrava microdistrict where the third of the population of Stary Oskol lives. The district’s infrastructure includes: multi-apartment residential houses of up-to-date design for middle income population and “de-lux” residential complexes, as well as a cottage residential complex.  

The object is in the intersection of primary automobile roads: Eroshenko street and primary automobile road named after Alexei Ugarov (also known as Metallurg avenue) connecting the towns of Voronezh, Belgorod and Kursk. Advantageous location provides for convenient access from every main route of the town. The trade complex may be reached in 10-20 minutes from the most remote districts of Stary Oskol. In closest vicinity to the construction site of the trade center  there is the town’s only express tramway line which is not only the means for transportation of the workforce to the JSco “OEMK” but also connects the most remote part of the town. Daily passenger traffic of the express tramway is 18 000 people.
Trade center “KARUSEL” started in July 2009.
According space and layout design the Trade center “KARUSEL” is a 3-storeyed building. There are 4 rolling stairs, a passenger lift and 2 freight-passenger elevators for transportation of people within the building. The floor height is 4,8 m.
The rooms are transferred to tenants in ready-to-use condition with ventilation and AC.
There are well-known federal network operators represented in the trade center.
The land is the shared ownership.

Area for rent 8 785, 76 m2

Price: 350 000 000 RUB

For more detailed information please contact:
Tel. in Moscow: (495) 775-47-83, (495) 233-22-52